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Universal Joints

Smooth articulation & Unmatched performance

Supreme Engineers Universal Joints are engineered to excel in a wide range of applications, providing flexible and reliable power transmission solutions for diverse industries. Discover how our Universal Joints can elevate the performance of your machinery.


Lock-Pin Type

Offset Pin Type

Ball Type

Bearing Type

Single Joint

Double Joint

Extebdable Joint


DdSLDLLWidth x Depth
20106090175-2003 x 11.4
251270105230-2504 x 13.8
321690135275-3006 x 18.3
4018100150320-3406 x 20.8
4520110165350-3606 x 22.8
5022114175370-3806 x 24.8
5525124195380-4008 x 28.3
6028136210400-4208 x 31.3
6530144225420-45010 x 33.3
7035156245450-48010 x 38.3


Universal Joints - Available

Single JointUniversal JointPin Type Joint
Double JointCarden ShaftBig-Small Pin Type Joint
Extendable JointBall Type JointBearing Type Joint
Telescopic JointOffset Type JointNeedle Bearing Type Joint

Universal Joints - FAQ

                                Universal Joint Supreme Engineers

A Universal Joint (Universal coupling/ U-joint) is a joint or coupling connecting rigid shafts whose axes are inclined to each other. It is commonly used in shafts that transmit rotary motion.It consists of a pair of hinges located close together, oriented at 90°to each other, connected by a cross shaft.

Today, universal joints are used universally in many machines in which there are long rotating shafts. Most notably, such joints are found between the transmission and rear drive shafts of rear-wheel drive cars (see Figure 3) and in old-fashioned tower clocks.



3 types of Universal joint, Single Universal joint, Double Universal joint and Expandable Universal joint. Expandable type have splines for telescopic movement. Various type of bores, cylindrical, square Hexagon to suit every application.

A universal coupling is a linkage or joint between two shafts, for example, a driving shaft and a driven shaft, which permits rotation of the shafts when their axes do not coincide. Such couplings are very widely used, for example, in machine tools, instruments, control devices, and automobiles.


The universal joint, or U-joint, offers a pivotal solution for transmitting torque between non-aligned shafts, allowing for flexible and efficient power transfer in various mechanical systems.


Automotives Drivetrains, Aerospace Applications, Marine Propulsion Systems, Heavy Equipment, Paper Industries, Textile Industreis, Mining Industries, Material Handling Systems, etc.


A univesal joints made from Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Polyurethane, Rubber, Cast Iron, etc. 

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