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Supreme Engineers established in 1996 by Manish Bavishi (Mechanical Engineer) located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat India with strong aim & innovative ideas. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting various types of Mechanical Power Transmission metal components. Our infrastructure is capable of producing Non-Standard and Tailor-Made Timing Pulleys, Universal Joints, Gears, Couplings, Keyless Clampex, etc. even in small quantities and in the least lead time. We have the ability to manufacture a variety of custom products.

Main Products

1-se-timing pulley-4

Timing Pulleys

Positive drive - ideal for indicating, counting and synchronizing system.


Universal Joints

U Joint provide a simpal method to connect two shafts, whose axes are inclined at an angle.

1-rubber belt

Timing Belts

The Timing Belt drive combines the advantages of geared, chain & v-belt drive, while eliminates the troubles of above drives.

Other Products


Gear are machine components that function to transmit rotation or movement from one part to another.



Couplings are defined as mechanical components used to connect two shafts


Keyless Clampex

Clampex are keyless clamping devices designed to transmit torque via friction on mating components.

Customized Components

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About Supreme Engineers..

We are manufacturing Timing pulleys, Universal joints, Gears, Keyless Clampex and Customized Components. Supreme Engineers has the ability to manufacture a variety of custom made products. By controlling the entire design and manufacturing process, Supreme Engineers guarantees the quality, performance and delivery of the products. Our motto is “PRECISION + SPEED”. Our goal is to provide the products you need in a fast, cost-effective and friendly manner.

Address 22, Drive-in Tenaments, Opp. Goyal Raw House, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat, India

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